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Bren School of ICS Password Management

Bren School of ICS Password Management

When selecting your new password, please make sure that it meets the following criteria:
  1. Your password must be 8 to 32 characters in length.
  2. Your password must contain one character from all four character sets:
    • Lower case alphabetic [a-z]
    • Upper case alphabetic [A-Z]
    • Number [0-9]
    • Symbol [?!@#%$^&()]
    • Your password may not contain the following symbols: *, blank spaces
  3. Your password cannot contain any portion of your username or full name.
  4. Your password should not be based on a dictionary word.

This will change the passwords for all of the following accounts:
  • ICS Linux shell account
  • ICS Windows login
  • Any ICS network drives
  • Your ICS Google Apps account.

Changes should be available in five minutes but may take as long as one hour.

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